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Our benefits

instant Off
environmentally friendly
high index of colour rendering > 80 Ra
natural solar spectrum
at least 50,000 hours lifetime
dimming, adjustable brightness
temperature and voltage resistance
no mercury
made in EU

LEDESON offers serial LED lighting of such brands as LED Focus, ES LED, LED Hansa for indoor and outdoor lighting. We can offer modern lighting systems with affordable prices, and savings of up to 78%.

Our experts will select LED lamps for modernization of lighting on existing facilities with retaining of existing light level, and prepare calculations that will show the feasibility of upgrading. To replace the standard models see lamps in our catalog.

We offer the design solutions that can optimize cost and payback of the lighting project because they take into account the characteristics of the premises and the customer's requirements. You can order the project.

We offer choice of lamp based on the customer's wishes. In the lamps production we will take into account such parameters as: color temperature, the efficiency, curve of intensity, color rendering, dimension sizes, type and material of the fasteners. You can order lamp according to your technical requirements by filling out the questionnaire.

For new projects we can develop the lighting in the dialux program with using of 3D models and carry out the mounting works for you.

LEDESON offers led lamps for the shopping centers, manufacturing plants, warehouses, office buildings, gas stations, streets and squares, roads and highways, public utilities sector, greenhouses, fountains and pools, illumination of buildings and promotional designs.

Инвестиции в собственную энергоэффективность

Investments into the own energy efficiency —

mean high profit, low payback and reliability, and are guaranteed reliability of investments!