About us

LEDESON Group of companies offers the serial LED lamps of such trademarks: LED Focus, ES LED, LED Hansa for indoor and outdoor lighting. We offer the modern lighting systems of European quality with reasonable prices.

About us:

  • from 2012 on the European market;
  • serial manufacturing of the lamps with European quality and CE certificate;
  • head office in Tallinn (Estonia), offices in Lublin (Poland), Kyiv (Ukraine), Moscow (Russia);
  • integrated approach: meets all requirements of nfrastructure;
  • we control the full cycle: from design of the product to its serial manufacturing;
  • we provide from 2 to 5 years guarantee for our products.

The key advantages of LEDESON:

  • Strict requirements for components that used in lamps with light-emitting elements of the best manufacturers in the world: Nichia, Osram, LG. It provids a lifetime of at least 50,000 hours;
  • Component life corresponds to the working period of the LEDs due to
    the most reliable components in the power supply, and the presence of built-in triple-conditioning system, lightning protection, protection against surges in network;
  • Optical polycarbonate that used in the product
  • Lighting parameters of the lamps meet all the requirements of SBN;
  • The optical polycarbonate, that is used in products meets the requirements of the European Union, does not emit formaldehyde and exclude the loss of luminous flux;
  • Lamps have the IP 40, IP 65, IP 67 level of protection against external influences;
  • Lamps have the same luminous flux with supply voltages from 130 to 280 volts;
  • Lamps have cos φ = 0,96 that measured and verified by specialized lab;
  • High contrast of ratio provides better clarity of illuminated objects;
  • High efficiency - more than 95% is achieved by the driver with a corrector of power factor, which also reduces the load on the grid in industry solutions;
  • A wide range of operating temperatures;
  • We use lead-free soldering in our products , the product is absolutely
    environmentally friendly.

LEDESON offers the solutions for:

  • Malls, offices;
  • Industrial enterprises;
  • Warehouses;
  • Gas stations;
  • Streets and squares;
  • Roads and highways;
  • Housing sectors;
  • Greenhouses (stimulating light for plants);
  • Fountains and pools;
  • Illumination of buildings and promotional designs.

We can offer modern, reliable, economy LED lighting. This solution provides quick payback due to economy of electricity.

Our experts will select LED lighting for modernization on existing facilities with keeping of necessary light level. They will prepare calculations that show the advisability of upgrading.

We offer design solutions that will optimize the project cost and time of payback with taking into account the characteristics of the premises and the customer's requirements.

We offer a choice of lamp based on the customer's wishes. Colour temperature, the efficiency, curve of intensity, color rendering, dimensions, types of fasteners material - all these parameters can be taken into account during the lamp production. You can order a lamp according to your technical requirements.

We can provide lighting calculations in the dialux with using of 3D models and assembly work for new projects.