Affiliate Program:  
  • delivery of goods to all regions
  • there are the retail prices on the website; we have flexible system of discounts for dealers, stimulating and bonus programs
  • supported warehouse stock of finished products to meet the needs of dealer
  • relevant information about stock
  • in the case of success, we will place your contacts on our website, in the section Our dealers
  • implementation of warranty 
  • technical assistance (experts advice)
  • there are all specifications of the lamps, installation and operation rules on the website 
  • incoming orders are redirected to our dealers, according to their geographical location, thus we help them to develop and increase the turnover
  • training of managers and customers of the Dealer
  • joint participation in lighting exhibition in the region of Dealer
  • providing with catalogs, product samples, stands, handouts
  • our experts provide with calculation of payback, lighting calculation in dialux program
We provide such services as: design, production, installation and maintenance of energy-efficient lighting systems. 
All our solutions are focused on the customer and take his needs into account. 
Fill the form in section "Feedback" and send the application to the dealership Agreement.