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Name of similar lamp, or luminous flux, lm (the full name of model or luminous flux is better)
Are there lighting reflectors on the lamp
Class of dust and moister protection (IP20, IP54, IP65 and so on)
Consumption of similar lamp, W (to assess the payback)
Hours per day (to assess the payback)
Days per year (to assess the payback)
Rate or class of consumption (to assess the payback)
New object or replacement (to assess the payback)
The cost of removing and installing of the lamps (to assess the payback)
Current maintenance costs (to assess the payback)
Is there the necessity to take into account the liberated power (to assess the payback)
Ambient temperature, С
The interior or street
Traffic light
Required illumination, lux (type of premises: classroom, production workshop, warehouse and so on)
Height of measurement
Light ripples (or type of premises: classroom, production workshop, warehouse and so on)
Colour temperature: cold (more than 5500К, 865 lamp), cold neutral (5000К, 850 lamp), warm neutral (4000К, sometimes it is called the cold white, 840 lamp), warm (3000К, 830 lamp)
Requirements for colour (CRI)
Supply 230V, 24В AC/DC. The standard is 230В AC
Is there the necessity in brightness control
Additional protection against alkaline cleaning solutions (for meat and dairy enterprises as a rule)
Decorative painting (colour). Silver, black
Type of mounting: tray, pin, horizontal wire, suspension on cables, suspension on chains, with/without rotation on the wall and so on
Number of phases for highway lamps
Required runtime for autonomous operation (for emergency battery lamp), 1.3 hours is the standard

The data for the calculation of lighting:

Number of lamps
Number of lines
Number of lamps in line
Placing of the lamps (in a row or transversely)

Floor Plan (Geometry (drawing is required if not a rectangular))

Height of hanging
Distance between the lines
Distance between the lamps

The current illumination under the lamp, lux

Height of measurement (working plane)
Lamps in ON mode
Lamps in OFF mode

The current illumination between the lamps, lux

Height of measurement
Lamps in ON mode
Lamps in OFF mode


The height of the shelves
Distance between the shelves
Location of lamps towards the shelves and passages above the racks and between racks. Is there the plan of layout.
Is the opportunity to change the location of the lamps.
* Required to fill in

 P.S. Terms of calculations performance will greatly reduced if drawing in AutoCAD are available.