LED Solutions for malls and office spaces

Solutions for shopping centers

Modern LED lighting in shopping centers provides significant energy savings. Energy efficiency is achieved without loss in lighting quality. All parameters of light meet requirements of specification. And for visitors pleasant, soft and comfortable atmosphere for shopping and recreation is to created.

Lighting of shopping centers begins from the outer zone. It is the illumination of entries and parking, architectural lighting, advertising and branding lighting solutions that create a visual image of the mall at night.

Shopping center includes few zones:

  • supermarket;
  • hardware store;
  • movies;
  • boutiques;
  • bowling club;
  • restaurants, etc.

Therefore, experts solve complex tasks during illumination of the mall. Such as: design works, installation and adjustment of equipment with taking into account the characteristics of the building structure and safety requirements. There are its own rules of lighting in each spaces of the mall.

During design of the lighting project our experts make careful calculations of lighting of each space with taking into account a variety of factors: height of the ceiling and space of the complex, interaction of the light with materials of the walls and the selection of optimum light tone that gives the opportunity to create a good mood for visitors. Lighting of shopping centers should be steady.

Differences between the lighting in the hall, shopping mall and within the store should not be sharp, and the shadows that are formed by the intersection of a number of light sources are required to be smoothed.

Solutions for business and office center

Business owner should pay special attention for office lightning. They evolve not only the big amount of people but also their hard work during the day.

If lighting level is not enough organs of vision tired quickly, and as a result, efficiency will rapidly decline. Office lighting must meet the requirements of standards and be comfortable for the eyes. The efficiency of the entire company depends strongly on the choice of lighting solutions.

The most important features in the lighting concept are: level of illumination, color rendering, color temperature, brightness distribution, and limitation of glare. Artificial office lighting should be close to natural as much as possible.

Office LED lighting by LEDESON made of high quality components, with the mean of the modern equipment, and with taking into account all current global achievement in the lighting technology.

More work during working hours
According to statistics, lack of attention to the design of the office lighting can lead to loss of productivity up to 30%. It means that the company's profit will decrease by a third. Therefore, the supervisor needs to take into account the problem of lighting. High-quality natural light that lamps by LEDESON provides corresponds to the light of the rising sun in the morning. This is especially important for children and adolescents. That why the demand for LED lighting for schools, high schools, kindergartens, health centers and other institutions has sharply increased. Lighting with fluorescent lamps provides contrast only with level of up to 32: 1, while the LED lamps have contrast ratio of 400: 1. This contrast ratio is close to natural sunlight. And low contrast adversely affects the efficiency of staff.

High quality of light and stable operation of the lamp not only provides the optimum illumination of the workplace.

Usage of LED panels with maximum color reproduction gives the opportunity to increase productivity, improve attention, and reduce errors and defective products. Wide-angle scattering and soft indirect light makes the staying in the room comfortable for everyone.

More concentration on the process
LEDs have one more valuable characteristic. There is no stroboscopic effect (flickering), distortion of colors and shapes of objects, discoloration of materials. It is especially important in the workplace. The lamps work perfectly silent.
The intensity of light output remains practically unchanged, and illuminated objects are characterized by high contrast and color reproduction.

Lighting is about 40% of total energy consumption in the offices.
Introduction of modern technologies that use LEDs as light sources can reduce the cost of electricity consumption up to 80%.
Also, there is a significant energy savings. It achieves by low consumption and long life. In the EU countries lamps that do not meet the minimum criteria of energy have already been removed from production.
LED panels for office help to reduce heat from the light sources.

Set and forget
There is no need to replace the LEDs and maintain the lamp throughout the life cycle. LED lamps do not contain mercury, filaments, are not sensitive to high or low temperature and voltage variations in the electrical, vibrations. Service life of the LED module is up to 50 000 hours, while we have about 2000 hours in the year. The temperature of the LEDs does not exceed the 50 degrees. It provides fire safety.
Unplanned downtime of production while replacing the bulbs in lamps that suddenly have blown completely eliminated. You need to mount the lamps once, and there is no need in maintaining, replacing, dangerous high-altitude works, and so on. You will achieve the complete financial payback of LED lights on the 1st or 2nd year of their operation.

Our task was not only to create the most advanced and reliable technical solution, but also develop the housing with tech and simplicity design. The result is a lamp of new generation.

Advantages of LEDESON LED panels:

  • construction provides steady light distribution;
  • no replacement of electronic components and no services for lamp;
  • no stroboscopic effect and vibration;
  • stability of luminous intensity over the entire range of supply voltages;
  • hardy driver increases the reliability of the product during the work;
  • specially designed housing provides the quantitative heat sink;
  • wide range of operating temperatures;
  • life term of more than 50,000 hours.

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