Solutions for industrial enterprises


Solutions for manufacturers
Solutions for lighting technology department, the perimeter of the area, offices, utility rooms.

Lighting for the technology department, the perimeter of the area.

LedFocus LED serial lamps fully meet the requirements for industrial lighting: have the high level of reliability, they are simple to install and maintenance, have the compact sizes and small weight, provide the high level of lighting, have the optimal spectral structure, long service life, are energy-saving, shock-proof, electric, explosion and fire proof. They can be used in difficult and aggressive environments: with high level of moister, acidity, dusting. They are different from the traditional luminaries of the basis of HID lamps of City series with the wide range of working temperatures (–63…+ 40 °С) and supply voltages (150–264 V). The climatic version is HL 1. LedFocus lamps include the high-power LEDs of leading world manufacturers: NICHIA and OSRAM (the 40% of all world market).
You need to mount them once and then there is no need to maintain, replace the lamps, to make the dangerous high-altitude work etc. for the period of up to 10 years. It is enough to wash the lamps with water jet from the hose. You can do this even in "On" mode of the lamp.
The LED lamps of City series have the IP67 protection degree and are not sensitive to vibration. We offer the explosion proof series of LED lamps (EXnRIIT6X) for technology departments A.

Accent lighting

We offer special spotlights of Spotlight series for the local lighting of some elements of architecture and design of industrial complex (SAFs logos, pennants) and local lighting of the perimeter. LED spotlights also have the IP67 protection degree, not sensitive to vibration, shocks, act of vandalism, and retain the power of light over a wide range of supply voltages. There are modifications for 220V networks and low-voltage safe versions for 24V and 12V.

Lighting for the offices

Lamps of Office series are used for mounting on the selling and walls of the office. The advantage of this series is the wide range of the luminous flux opening – the 180 degree. It gives the opportunity to fill the illuminated area with uniform bright flood lights. While using the lamps of Office series you will reduce to 2-3 times the cost of office space lighting.

LED selling lamps LED panel: recessed and overhead are used in the offices and other premises. The color temperature: 4500 К, 4000 К, 3500 К. Luminous flux: 3200 lm, 3000 lm, 2700 lm. Consumption: 32 W. The absence of glare, flicker and harmful substances allow using of these lamps in all institutions. The wide range of supplying voltages and stable luminous flux, high efficiency, power factor of more than 95% and using of the high quality LEDs of Nichia Company (Japan) make these lamps the best in their segment.

Lighting of technology zones, corridors, utility rooms

Low cost LED lamps of Housing series are made for lighting for lighting of technical or support premises, where there is no need in bright light.
The housing of the lamp is made of shockproof optical polycarbonate, which provides the high shock resistance. Consumption of Housing lamp is only 8W with the luminous flux of 800 lm (100W incandescent lamp have the same luminous flux).