LEDESON group of companies offers the modern indoor and outdoor LED lighting systems of European quality with reasonable prices. Due to energy savings and lack of operating costs such solution makes better the quality of lighting and provides the fast payback. Our experts will offer the LED lamps for modernization of the lighting on your objects with taking into account the existing level of illumination. They will prepare the calculations that show the advisability of upgrading

We offer the solutions that allow optimization of the project’s cost and payback, because they take into account the clients demands.

We offer a choice of lamp based on the customer's wishes. During the production of the lamp such parameters can be taken into account: colour temperature, efficiency, curve of intensity, overall sizes, and types of fasteners material.  You can order the lamp according to your specification. 

For new projects we can develop the lighting calculations in dialux program.

Also we can provide the installation works:
• a team of highly qualified and experienced electricians with specialized education, required approvals and documents;
• installation and maintenance is carried out with the use of modern materials and technologies;
• high quality work performed on time according to all demands and norms, there are all necessary licenses and permits for all kinds of works;
• flexible prices and individual approach for each object.

Short list of works:
• design of engineering systems;
• our experts provide the design and estimate documentation;
• cable laying;
• commissioning works;
• mounting of LED lamps;
• warranty and service, maintenance of finished object;
• execution of works of increased danger.