Explosion proof lighting

LED lights and spotlights with explosion-proof have special protection against mechanical and shock loads, negative climate effects and voltage drops. There are special requirements for such light sources, so the design of them should ensure the possibility of using in areas with hazardous industries, as well as the street lighting or illumination of buildings.

In order to provide the reliable protection the housing of the lamp with explosion-proof is made of anodized aluminium, which is quite durable and light.

Glass that made of shockproof optical polycarbonate prevents the entry of dust and moisture into the lamp, and withstands the significant mechanical and shock loads.

The fastening system that made of stainless steel makes it possible to mount them on the ropes, build them into the false ceilings and any other consoles with diameter of tube of less than 65 millimetres.

LED lamps with explosion-proof by LEDESON have the protection degree against external influences (IP) of not less than 67.

Supplying is carried out only by special secured compartments to avoid the accidental damage and to ensure the uninterrupted power supply. The light power of such devices is not changed in spite of any range of voltages. The luminous efficiency is 120 lm / W, so they can be used not only for street lighting, but also as industrial LED lamps.

Product has the EXnRІІT6X degree of explosion protection.

We can mount the sensor that automatically turns on or off the device depending on time of the day at the request of the customer.

Street light with explosion-proof lamps and spotlights can be an effective replacement for the out-of-date DRL-250 and DRL-125 mercury lamps, that are not only easily damaged, but also are difficult to dispose of and environmentally unsafe.

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