Lighting of childcare, schools, educational institutions


Lighting of childcare, schools, educational institutions:


The educational process requires a lot of concentration and attentiveness. That’s why the correct lighting of educational institutions is so important not only for sight but also for successful training, speed and quality of assimilation of new material, resistance to stress, tiredness, emotional and psychological condition of students. 


Practice shows the interdependence between successful study, the health of pupils and the quality of lighting in the school. The requirements for lighting include hygienic, environmental and energy aspects.


The main norm for installation of the lighting in the kindergarten and school is the correct calculation of the light level. The light intensity varies in each room. It must fully meet the requirements for lighting.   


Advantages of LED lighting:

·      Using of the fluorescent lumps in the school is not only inefficient, but also unsafe: if such lamps are broken pupils and teachers can be poisoned with mercury vapour. LED lamps do not contain mercury and do not emit any other harmful substances.

·      According to the norms, ripple of lamps for children's educational institutions should not exceed 10%. In case of fluorescent lamps this figure reaches 25-40%. LED lamps ripple is <4%.

·      It is easy to provide the lighting according to the norms in any premises of the school with the LED lamps: in the classrooms, computer classes, the gym, and so on.

·      LED lighting saves the eyesight of the pupils. Brightness, wide angle of dispersion and soft indirect light provide comfort for the eyes. Due to shadow-free effect of LED lamps the pupils eyes have less tension; children are not so tired and gain knowledge more actively.  

·      LED lamps have no consumable components. There is no need to change and dispose the lamp. Such lamps do not require the maintenance and stable for more than 50 000 hours without the reducing of the luminous flux.

·      LED lamps are protected with durable polycarbonate lenses that are difficult to break.

·      According to numerous studies the natural daytime lighting in the room is the most comfortable for human. The spectrum of the LED lamps is close to the sun. This factor is particularly important for children and adolescents. That’s why the demand for LED lamps for schools, high schools, kindergartens and other institutions have increased. Lighting with obsolete fluorescent lamps provides the level of contrast of up to 32:1. LED lamps adjust the contrast to 400:1. This level is close to natural contrast of sunlight.

·      LED lamps have a dimming function that allows the regulation of the lighting brightness.

·      Work of LED lamps is absolutely quiet. They do not distract from the process of study. So at the end of the school day there is no sensation of tiredness and "noise in the head".

·      Efficiency of the lamps is 100 Lm/W.


Lighting for medical facilities

Medical institutions include: outpatient, hospital, diagnostic, sanitary and other institutions that provide the various health care.  

Lighting of medical institutions requires the special treatment.  Cabinets, procedural and operational units have the requirement for intense lighting. The patient's well-being, working conditions of medical staff, and the quality of care depends on the correct lighting.




Advantages of our LED lamps:

·      compliance with the required level of illumination;

·      compliance with the hygiene requirements;

·      efficiency;

·      there is no negative effects on humans and the environment;

·      high working life, no necessity in special service;

·      steady lighting distribution, without "flicker" effect and glare;

·      there are the modifications of the lamps with emitting of a special "cold" light; it is important to create and maintain the certain indoor climate in the premises;

·      high level of protection against dust and moister, reliable sealing that prevents the dust or moisture in the device; it is important during cleaning or repair.


General lighting is made by the means of LED panel, Office, that are located on the ceiling or walls of the room. There are two type of location: evenly (are used in doctors' cabinets, treatments, etc.) or localized (where the better illumination of individual sections is required). The surgical rooms need the illumination with the lamps of the general lighting, which provide the light of not less than 150 lux.


Also, in any medical institution the emergency lighting system should exist. It is used as light sources that can operate in offline mode.

Due to low power consumption you will have the reducing of monthly expenses of up to 80%. LED lighting has short payback period