Illumination of buildings and promotional designs

Image of cities consists not only of the new modern buildings. Organization of spectacular architectural lighting is one of the best ways to attract attention to the building at night. Such building appears in a new form, stands out among all the rest, and becomes the bright hallmark of its owner. Design solutions in architectural lighting and lighting of the buildings emphasize dignity and hide weaknesses of various elements and express significance and originality of each of them.

Architectural lighting of building’s facades becomes more and more essential in the design of modern buildings. Architectural lighting is important for expressive appearance of the night city. Properly chosen architectural lighting opens new and unique features of any building, emphasizes its individuality, and attracts the attention of people around.

Energy capacity is not enough in big cities and towns, that’s why the LED lamps by LEDESON are the real solution of this problem. LED spotlights can save energy significantly. It makes them an indispensable tool for lighting at that sites where there is a strict limit for the power consumption.

LEDESON LED lamps do not require maintenance costs, have high degree of protection against environmental influences (IP 67), so using them on the street is not only safe, but also optimal.

Design of the lamp harmoniously complements the appearance of any building, both modern and historical. In addition, LED spotlight has vandal-proof characteristics.

LEDESON LED spotlights can effectively solve the problem of illumination that the designers of advertising lighting have, such as: energy cost savings and the most spectacular selection of advertising surface or advertised object.

Advantages of LEDESON lamps:

  • environmentally friendly: there are no harmful emissions and harmful constituents in LEDs;
  • savings in electricity consumption with high efficiency;
  • continuous operation time up to 50 000 hours. This is ten times longer than traditional light sources;
  • high mechanical and vibration strength;
  • wide range of operating temperatures;
  • radiant on/off;
  • reduction of glare, complete absence of flicker;
  • anti-vandal performance;
  • good quality /price ratio;
  • fast payback due to energy savings and a lack of operating costs.

External LED lighting is used for:

  • lighting of office buildings, facades of banks, shopping malls, bridges;
  • lighting of restaurants, bars, clubs, sports facilities, stadiums, sports grounds;
  • backlight of municipal buildings, resorts;
  • lighting of area and private homes, cottages, cottage villages backlight, decorative lighting;
  • landscape outdoor fountains, pools, walking paths, park alleys lighting, , lighting of recreation areas, trees;
  • LED Lighting in advertising (signage lights, facades, stands, billboards, light boxes);
  • LED lighting board of airports, train stations, stadiums, cinemas.

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