Low-voltage lighting

These lamps are successfully used as light sources in the workplace, street, gardens and parks lighting, and are an excellent replacement for mercury lamps DRL.

We can offer the high quality products that made with advanced technology of last generation components from Japanese company NICHIA with light output of 120 lm / W.

Low-voltage LED lamps by LEDESON are safe, effective and convenient solution for many businesses.

The advantages include: environmental safety, reliability, durability, and usability.

  • Low voltage LED lights are made of environmentally friendly materials that do not require extensive and time-consuming disposal, unlike the mercury-containing lamps.
  • In most cases the constant current source is not required.
  • Low-voltage lamps are able to work with battery systems, solar panels or wind turbines.
  • The voltage of 24 volts is enough to achieve the maximum light.
  • There is no stroboscopic effect in lamps fixtures based on LEDs, and time of mode turning is less than one second.
  • The power supply is divided into six independent parts to ensure the reliability, and is additionally equipped with thermostatic system for the entire temperature range. Low-voltage LED lamps are enclosed into the housing which is made of anodized aluminium and safety glass of shockproof polycarbonate.
  • Devices can be also produced in explosion-proof version. They are especially good for using in mines, underground communications, subway and other places with high security requirements.
  • Low-voltage LED lights can be mounted on any posts with the seat tube of not less than 55 millimetres diameter.
  • Fixture to the wall or ceiling is the possible additional option.

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