Solutions for greenhouses

Series of LED BIO lamps by LEDESON can be used in greenhouses, and in places where the light is required to ensure the full process of photosynthesis and biomass growth.

Plants need air, nutrient medium, water and proper lighting for the correct and rapid growth. During photosynthesis only certain colours of the spectrum are absorbed. For example, red influences the growth in general, and the blue stimulates cell division and is necessary for the foliage formation. Other colours are practically not perceived by plants.

There are different light sources in the modern artificial lighting for greenhouses. But not all of them are effective. For example, incandescent lamps spend too much energy to heat, fluorescent lamps have too high luminous efficiency, devices based on mercury (DRL) are strongly heated, sodium (NLVD, bottom, HPS) have a low radiation in the blue part of the spectrum.

LED lighting of greenhouses with BIO lighting excludes all these shortcomings.

We offer LED lamps with a certain range (we use high-quality diodes of Japanese corporation NICHIA).

Due to optimum wave length, possibility of luminous flux regulating and spectral composition changes the high efficiency of LED lighting in greenhouses is achieved.

LED lamps do not heat and emit no heat, so they can be placed close to the plant.

Series of LED BIO lamps provides the desired spectral composition of the total luminous flux with a high light output.

Selective illumination of plants will help to reduce the energy costs and increase the efficiency of the greenhouse.

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