Solutions for landscape lighting

There is almost no project of landscape design without design of lighting system and the use of lamps.

Smallholdings, greenhouses, gardens, small gardens, lawns - lights at night are necessary almost everywhere.

This requires not just the installation of lights, but a system that would emphasized the beauty of the park or a country farm at night, with stable work, without interruption, with protection against moisture and mechanical damage, environmentally safe and economical.

Modern manufacturing techniques of LEDs allow creating of all this features without the bulky structures, expense and hassle.

LED lighting for parks and gardens by LEDESON can perfectly fit in almost any terrain, make it rich and bright in every sense.

LED lamps by LEDESON designed especially for landscape lighting and for the modernization of outdated lighting systems for alleys and squares.

  • Glass and body of lamp  made of impact-resistant polycarbonate, that able to withstand the mechanical shock and effectively protects from moisture and dust.
  • There is the overheat protection in  lamps.
  • LED lamps have the resistance to low temperatures and UV radiation.
  • Lamps have a first-class protection against electric shock.
  • Four colours of the lamps: blue, red, green and white.
  • Production is quality, reliable, safe and durable.

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