Solutions for fountains and pools

Underwater LED lamps have a special place in architectural lighting.

Underwater LED RGB lighting designed to solve the problems with colour highlights for various ponds, swimming pools, fountains, ice shapes, as well as to create bright lighting effects.

  • LED lamps for fountains and pools by LEDESON have a IP68 degree of protection against ingress of water;
  • Housing material made of corrosion-resistant materials;
  • LED underwater lights offer the increased safety and protection against electric shock (they are the low voltage devices with an operating voltage of 12V or 24V);
  • LED lamps consume a small amount of energy unlike the alternative lighting;
  • Climatic performance of metal sealed underwater LED lamps allows to maintain them in a temperature range of -50 ... + 50 ̊ С;
  • LED underwater lamps are easy to install and maintain, do not require service during the operation;
  • Due to technical characteristics and high-quality materials the service life LED lamps is at least 50 000 hours without replacement.

LED lamps are widely used both in small private and large swimming pools, exotic fountains, small streams, artificial ponds in suburban homes and other solutions of water lighting.

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