Bird factory’s lighting with dimming system

Growth of bird factories efficiency depends on the implementation of energy-saving technologies. Lighting system is the main element of them. Properly organized steady lighting of bird factory can significantly increase the productivity of the birds, reduce their injuries and breakage of eggs, and improve the quality of eggs.

Science has developed the best variants of light conditions for keeping of various species of birds. It sets out the principles and time of the lighting on / off, determines the duration of sleep and wakefulness. Manufacture will be profitable if technologists comply with all scientific standards.

According to zoo technical standards there should be at least 14 daylight hours for birds. Such period of bright and steady lighting throughout all the space of bird factory means huge amounts for electricity. Therefore, lamps for bird factory must be economical, but provide the desired lighting norms. Otherwise, the productivity of birds and profitability of the farm will decline.

Selection of lamps for bird factories is complicated by the specific conditions of work: high concentration of dust, dirt and feathers, washing with water jets, permanent effect of ammonia vapours. LED lamps are the best way to light the bird factory:

  • they are 70% more economical than lamps with DRL,
  • durable (lifetime of at least 50,000 hours),
  • do not require replacement of the lamps,
  • can be sanitized,
  • are not afraid of aggressive external environment.

The wide use of LEDs for industrial premises lighting in agriculture have began earlier than in any other industry. LED lighting saves money not only on electricity, but also on the absence of maintenance and lamps replacement. The payback period for these systems ranges from one to three years.

Sealed LED lights are the basic elements for the lighting system of modern bird factory.
There are boards with LEDs, cables and connectors placed inside their body.

LEDESON LED lamps are designed with an opportunity to combine several light sources into a single line, with creating a continuous lighting system in a particular area.

  • You have steady light inside the cage with a bird.
  • The design of LED-lamp is watertight, thus housing and elements of the lamp is not in danger of falling water jets and high indoors humidity.
  • All elements of the LED lamp are made of impact-resistant material. So there is no need to mount the wires in protective boxes, and set the distribution boxes.

LED-lighting by LEDESON has a number of advantages that are applicable for bird factories:

  • Economy. Low power consumption (lighting consumes up to 30-40% of the total electricity of the bird factory).
  • Easy dimming. There is the opportunity to change the brightness smoothly in the range from 0 to 100% (excludes the stress of sudden light switch). Light levels are defined for the entire period of birds landing and kept in automatic mode. Steady lighting.
  • High reliability of LED lamps (3-year of hardware warranty).
  • LED lights do not require the maintenance and their service life corresponds to the period of service of the rest equipment in the poultry house.
  • Safe supply voltage (this is especially important when placing the lamps inside the cells).
  • LED lamps do not contain the harmful substances and do not require the special disposal.
  • LED lamps are resistant to vibrations and shocks, you can wash them with water jet.

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